Focusing Your Passion

In mid-December, Leslie had a wonderful conversation with HNA Associated Maker Joan Fraser of Fraser Knitwear. Joan recommended Highland Natural Accents contact The Shetland Tweed Company. Soon after the email was sent, Leslie spoke with Andy Ross – Business Director of The Shetland Tweed Company and Founder of GlobalYell. GlobalYell is the centre for creative industries in Shetland with a focus in textiles and music.

Highland Natural Accents is excited to announce GlobalYell’s acceptance of Leslie Foale into their textile residency. During February and March, Leslie will reside in the Isle of Yell to gain invaluable experience and knowledge about the design and make of tweed from GlobalYell and The Shetland Tweed Company. What a fantastic opportunity!

It just goes to show – if you are clear on your focus and support it with your passion, the universe will help you along your path.

More details about GlobalYell’s residency to follow…..

NOTE:  Pictured textile is from the website of GlobalYell (

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