The Gift of Time

It seems that we never have enough of it…..

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw these earthy handmade woven baskets. Shona at The Shetland Gallery had invited me into her gallery. We were relaxing on the sofa, sharing insights about our lives. Shona and her husband have a wonderful story about how they came to make Yell there home. Later on, I saw another one of these baskets in the Shetland Craft Trail & Makers pamphlet (2015/16, page 33).

With the encouragement of Shona and Joan Fraser, I contacted the creator of the earthy baskets, Jeanette Nowak of Hjarta (Instagram: hjartawild). Luck would have it that Jeanette was willing to invite me to visit her at her vibrant studio. What a jewel of a time we had. We learned a little bit about each other, enjoyed together the sight of a double rainbow against the coastal landscape, and laughed about life.

To all who are gifting their time while I am here in the Shetlands, I am grateful. It means a great deal. Thank you for being so giving of your time.

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