Feathers: Practical for Some, Decorative for Others

Thanks to the kind invitation from Wendy Goode of Wendy Goode Feathers, I took a jaunt up to Gloup. The area is famous for its Gloup Memorial and it also has absolutely beautiful views of the coastline.

Given what little I know about the usage of feathers, I was interested to understand from Wendy why they are so popular. Wendy was kind enough to educate me on the various uses of such beautiful decorative pieces. And as I looked around in her workshop I realized how many different ways feathers can introduce colour, texture and pizzazz in ones life. Here in this pictured collage, you see just a glimpse of the wonderful ways Wendy and her helper, Fiona, piece together arrangements from hundreds of different kinds of feathers. Ah, and check out one of Wendy’s hats that she makes as a means for you to decorate with those feathers!

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