Expanding Horizons


In every sense of the word, Leslie Foale has had the support and encouragement of so many to continue her modus operandi of accelerating beyond her comfort zones. Moving to Scotland permanently. Starting up a retail textile business, Highland Natural Accents, in the Highlands. Trying out fly fishing. Weaving at GlobalYell in Shetland. Expanding business to the Isle of Skye.

We are pleased to bring to your attention 60 North Magazine’s Summer 2017 issue. We are also delighted to inform you that 60 North published an article of Ms. Foale’s five-week experience weaving at GlobalYell in Shetland. 60 North Magazine is an excellent resource to gain insight as to what Shetland is about – its people, heritage, history, land.

Shetland should be at the top of your bucket list for exploring. And they have plenty of views of the horizon!


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