About Us

About Us

Leslie combines her 30 years of practical business experience with her passion for quality textiles and craftsmanship to feature finished textiles that combine art with functionality by makers from Scotland’s Islands, Highlands, and beyond.

Highland Natural Accents (‘HNA’), based in Portree, Isle of Skye, is here to help you accent your home and wardrobe with unique vibrant and rich textiles from Scotland and beyond. Made of natural fibres, the high-quality finished home accessories and fashion items can help you create a new feel and look.

HNA is keen to support local designers and textile makers who incorporate nature’s beauty from the islands, highlands and beyond into their fibres, textures and colours to create unique hand crafted artefacts. Your visit and involvement with Highland Natural Accents supports local businesses, as well as enhances the trend of the rejuvenation of the local textile industry.

HNA’s close connection with makers helps you obtain what you desire. We can help you select just the right colour, material, and design to suit you. You may do so at our gallery, or place a specific request through Highland Natural Accents.

HNA’s sources their textiles primarily from Scotland. We also diversify with makers from Wales, England and Ireland. Depending upon the maker, the textiles can be either derived from local mills or are spun, loomed or knitted by hand.

The combinations and varieties are endless! Let Highland Natural Accents help you discover the accents of natural inspirations of Skye and beyond for you and your home.


Our Gallery

"I purchased a wool hat each for my parents and a wool pencil case for myself and we are all thrilled with our items. You will not be disappointed if you are able to visit this shop!!"

Lori Wyant

Happy Client

Highland Natural Accents helps you be your own interior and fashion designer for your home and wardrobe by offering you vibrant and luxurious finished textiles inspired by natural colours, textures and landscapes from the Highlands, Islands, Scotland and beyond.

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