Burra Bears: organically grown, ecologically conscientious
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Burra Bears: organically grown, ecologically conscientious

Wendy was kind enough to invite me to visit her at the Burra Bears studio. It was a wonderful drive to the isle of Burra, despite the heavy overcast and occasional rain.

Twenty years ago, Wendy made the first two bears on a whim for a family member. Then some other family members and friends asked for one. And before she knew it, Burra Bears was given birth.

The bears are made from various sources of material – a knitted garment from a family who wants the fabric to live on but in a different form, or two differently sourced wool fabrics from Jamieson’s of Shetland  – specifically designed and knitted for Burra Bear or remnants . The stuffing used for the bears that make them so huggable is from either cut-offs from previously made bears and/or salvage material from Jamieson’s knitwear. It is a product that is 100% Shetland primarily resourcing existing materials.

Wendy has managed to expertly handle the organic growth of the business on her own since the start of the business. But recently, help has come her way. Her daughter, who recently graduated from Shetland College with a textile degree, has joined her mother in the Burra Bear adventure. It is a complimentary relationship. But even with this extra help, the demand for Burra Bears exceeds the supply. It is a good position in which to be.

Thank you, Wendy, for the visit. Highland Natural Accents wishes Burra Bear continued success!

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