Celebrating Two Years
Highland Natural Accents

Celebrating Two Years

With any project or entity, even if there seems to be a one-person focus, it takes a team effort to produce excellent results.
Recently, Highland Natural Accents turned two years old. It has been an amazing journey so far, and we suspect that it will not slow down.
As founder of HNA, I would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation and gratefulness to everyone who has contributed, supported and believed in Highland Natural Accents. Thank you to those who joined us just based on the idea of Highland Natural Accents, all the members of HNA Associated Makers, the We Frame It team both in Inverness and Portree, advisors and teachers, and our existing and future customers. And a special thanks to Noel Hill for providing a platform, for his continued mentoring, and not pushing me off  the deep end (just kidding!). No one goes through life alone. Highland Natural Accents is definitely an example of this.
With much passion and gratitude, thank you!

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