Embroidery & More: by Ruth Black
Highland Natural Accents

Embroidery & More: by Ruth Black

A tribal confederation of people who lived in northern and eastern Scotland during the Late Iron Age and Medieval Periods, the Picts are thought to have been ethnolinguistically Celtic. Evidence of their existence can be seen through the stones on which they carved their Pictish symbols.

Over the years, Ruth Black of Anna Macneil has studied Celtic art, particularly Pictish symbols. Ruth has developed a trademark from these cultural influences. She was kind enough to invite Highland Natural Accents to attend the recent private viewing of her work at Elgin Museum. Ruth Black’s exhibit is located in the museum’s mezzanine with the title of “Embroidering the Past – a Textile Exploration of the Pictish Stones of Moray”.

What a delight to see in-person Ruth and her wonderful workmanship of her intricate embroidery and felting on its own or applied to various fabrics. A must see!

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