Third Weave: Getting the Rhythm
Highland Natural Accents

Third Weave: Getting the Rhythm

First day when I arrived at GlobalYell, Andy was kind enough to have set up a portable loom for me with the warp already with straight draw threading. It was great to be able to start weaving right away. Second day, I saw a twill pattern in one of Andy’s books that I wanted to try. This gave me the opportunity to learn how to set up the warp as a M and W threading. Third day, I spent weaving this specific twill.

You can notice with the last picture of the above collage that the right (top) side subtly shows the pattern given the green weft yarn, compared with the left (underneath) side at the far bottom of the photo which reveals the yellow and red warp yarn making the pattern obvious (not well focused but you get the idea). Love both sides!

Looking forward to someday creating my own version of a design….

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